Finish What I Started

I graduated high school in 1992. I had desire, passion and a goal. I wanted to be a college professor. The only thing I considered was where I’d teach. Graduating, getting a few advanced degrees and becoming a professor were all forgone conclusions. If only life had played out as it did in my head.

The list of schools I applied to was very short. I remember getting into all of them, but that could be hindsight and hubris talking. I’m pretty sure it isn’t though. My first choice was DePaul University in Chicago. I loved their computer science program. I loved the idea of living downtown. I loved the idea of being in the city. To say I was excited would be a gross understatement of how happy I was.

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Choppy choppy!

I have been eating food for 36 years.  I’ve been going to hibachi restaurants for just about the same amount of time.  I’ve been to chains and family-owned places. I’ve become an expert on how the process works. Or,  so I think.

My wife and family bought me a training session at benihana for Christmas.  It includes a private lesson where I can put 30+ years of observation to the test. In my head, I know how the process works.  I can see how everything is cut, prepared and served. We will see if my muscles have picked anything up in all my years of watching and following along.

The activity of the day will be followed on by a family meal next week. I get to cook at benihana for my family. I get to show what I learned. That should be fun.

The weird part of all of this? I can see every cut, flip and seasoning that goes into a meal. I’ve seen it so often that I feel there is muscle memory already in place.

Check in

Somehow you’ve ended up on my blog and hopefully you’ll stay long enough to humor me. I know some of you have left comments here before but I’m curious how many non-robots read my blog.

If you’ve read this.. Leave a comment. Tell me who you are, where you’re from and something interesting about yourself. Maybe peruse my older blog entries and comment on those while you’re here. I get a smile when my blog sends me legit email.

Ice Skating #randomFact

Like my skiing randomFact, I didn’t grow up around ice and snow. I didn’t roller skate and I was never comfortable on roller blades. (Does anyone still use roller blades?) Hockey teams didn’t move into warm weather climates until after I’d graduated high school. The opportunity to ice skate as an adult hasn’t really presented itself often until recently.

I was dragged on the ice a few years ago by my ex-wife and my niece. I was beyond skittish on the ice and clung to the boards for my life. I didn’t feel comfortable and hadn’t yet gotten the balancing act down to keep my butt off the ice. This should have been my last attempt.

In 2007, I met the future Mrs Grover. She figure skated competitively while growing up and loved to skate. Our first official date was ice skating in Elgin at their outdoor rink. I didn’t hug the wall the entire time and I think I held my own pretty well on the horrible scratched ice. I might have fallen once.. maybe twice. Much better than my first trip.

I’d do it again, I suppose. Considering caitlin is taking lessons and we end up at a rink every week or so, it shouldn’t be difficult for me to find time to actually start ice skating if I’d like to.