5 Most Prized Possessions

Since I brought it up.. for the three of you that will read this, I’ll post my list of prized possessions too.  I’m excluding family and kids. I don’t really possess them. I’m blessed to have them in my life.  So.. here are the actual “things” that made the list (off the top of my head)

1 – a Union Jack that flew on a British Frigate given to me by British sailors when I was a kid living in Puerto Rico. It’s awesome and could easily cover a wall in my house.

2 – a nearly complete collection of Apple Newton Message pads. I love em and they still work.

3 – an oversized Zippo lighter given to me by my grandfather. Its about the size of a kindle.. And it is fully functional.

4 – my Camaro. It’s the first new car I bought without needing to settle or find a co-signer

5 – my house… For reasons similar to my car. Someone gave me a mortgage.. And I love my house.. I love having a place. I like the idea that my kids will have a “childhood home”, which is something I don’t have.

(this list is feature complete, but not necessarily locked in order. 1 doesn’t mean best.. 3 doesn’t mean middle of the pack. It’s just a list)

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