This is not a commentary on the person from whom I copied this.. it’s a commentary on how I view the world. I vehemently disagree with everything this picture represents.  Waking up one day to find yourself in a relationship or situation that is untenable is a fact of life. It will happen to you at some point. You will have no control over whether or not this will happen. It simply is a condition of being.

The picture seems to suggest that heartache could be avoided simply by making better or more informed decisions. What if your decision was valid and your partner changed? What if you did everything in your power to foster and nurture the souring situation, but there was no hope to save things? People and things grow apart.

Personally, I’m done living with regret. I’m done worrying about whether my marriages failed because I was a failure. I’ve learned from them. I’ve moved on. I know who I am and where I need and want to be. I’ve grown as a human. I wake up every day and choose to be who I want to be. (the Iron Giant was right)

I guess at the end of the day, I don’t let thoughts like the one captured above dwell in my mind. They’re a breeding ground for self-doubt, self-loathing, and frustration. My life doesn’t suck because I lost two months of pay a few years ago when my employer ran out of money. My life doesn’t suck because I’ve had two failed marriages. My life doesn’t suck because I don’t have a collection of friends as large as I may think I want. My life doesn’t suck. I’m not about to wake up tomorrow and let myself start doubting or second guessing the events that have shaped my life and led me to the moment where I’m writing this post. I am happy to just be.

4 thoughts on “Regrets”

  1. You know, I agree, and that the post, was for the most part
    In “humor”. But I do agree, I won’t live with regret.

  2. That scene in The Iron Giant when the Giant says, “Superman,” makes me teary every single time. People can learn a lot from him. I have that quote on my wall and in every writing notebook I start. I choose to be happy. I choose to live in the present instead of the past. I choose to get up at 5am every morning to write because I am a writer. I choose to run. I am who I choose to be. =)

    I also love the line in the musical RENT: Forget regret– or life is yours to miss.

    d, who is lacking both coffee and sleep.

  3. Not a fan of that kind of joke. (not telling people how to be or think, stating my own thoughts). Words and thoughts matter. I had a reaction to the image and set about writing a post about it. I appreciate the comment.

  4. go get yourself some sleep.. and when you wake up, break out the coffee. in that order. 🙂 the other way will make sleep not happen. and I couldn’t agree more. We could always do ‘seize the day’ from Dead Poets Society.

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