.. a shrinking me update. Over the winter, I managed to become aware of the crap I was putting into my body. I tried to curb how much I ate, but my being good could only last so long. I’ve recently relapsed. I’m eating every chocolately thing in sight and taking portions that are way too big again. I haven’t weighed myself because numbers are depressing but I know I’ve regained some of the twenty pounds I lost this winter. My shorts aren’t as loose as they were a month ago.

Because I’m tired of seeing the round me in pictures, I’m going to do something about it. This morning? For the first time in two plus years, I woke up and actually did a tiny bit of exercise. It’s a start and it’ll lead up to where I want to be. Twenty crunches and ten pushups. I’m so out of shape that both of those hurt a little bit. I’m going to do it again tonight after dinner and every day from here on out. I don’t need luck, just a bit of resolve.

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